Relationship-Based Professional Development

Relationship-Based Professional Development (RBPD) support focuses on learning through one-on-one interactions between practitioners and coaches, consultants, or mentors. The goal of this type of individualized support is to improve the developmental outcomes of young by increasing practitioners’ knowledge, skills, & abilities.  RBPD Specialists provide practitioners with competency-based expert guidance and customized support to foster professional growth and career achievement.

RBPD Specialists do more than give advice and support! Specialists promote high quality care and teaching practices based on research-based best approaches and strategies in the field (CEED, 2016).

At Achieve (MNCPD) we proudly facilitate the approval of RBPD Specialists!

Resources: Center for Early Education and Development. (2016, August). Minnesota’s knowledge and competency framework for relationship based professional development specialists.

Are you interested in becoming an Achieve approved RBPD Specialist? Excellent! Your first step is to complete all of the approval requirements for the specific RBPD type you are interested in becoming.

Knowledge and Competency Framework for RBPD Specialists

Coming Soon! Check back for the newly created Knowledge and Competency Framework for RBPD Specialists.

Submitting RBPD Events

Coming Soon! This is a comprehensive guide on how to submit an RBPD event approval.

Child Care Aware of MN has more information on RBPD Specialist support as well as an RBPD Specialist Manual.


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How do I know if I qualify to become an RBPD Specialist?

Review our current RBPD endorsements and their specific requirements here.

I’m interested in becoming an RBPD Specialist, how do I apply?

Please follow these steps to submit an RBPD Specialist application

  • Check to see that you meet the RBPD endorsement requirements here.
  • Log in to Develop as an individual.
  • On your Account Summary page, click the box next to Become a RBPD Specialist.
  • Click Apply/Renew.
  • Enter your information for each tab and click Save and Continue throughout the application.
  • Click Submit Application on the last page of the application.
  • Send us documentation specific to your selected endorsement to complete the application. Email, fax, or mail your documentation to Achieve (MNCPD). Documentation includes your training certificates and educational documents. Click here for more information on acceptable documentation.


Fax: (877) 379-2467

Mail: Achieve MN Center for Professional Development
          2908 Marketplace Drive, Suite 103
          Fitchburg, WI 53719

The RBPD Specialist approval process takes up to six weeks.

How long does RBPD approval take?

We will complete your RBPD Specialist application within six weeks of receiving your application documentation.

I’m interested in working with an RBPD Specialist, how can I connect with one?

Please follow these steps to find an RBPD Specialist:

  • Log in to Develop as an individual.
  • Click Search for Training on the left column.
  • Click the Trainer Directory tab.
  • Click the RBPD Specialists tab. A search form will appear.
  • Search by name/ID, assessment, endorsements, county or keyword and click Search for RBPD Specialists.
  • Click on the resulting name for more information about each RBPD Specialist.

Do hours with my coach, consultant, or mentor count toward the Career Lattice?

Yes, hours spent with an approved RBPD Specialist count as approved professional development hours. These hours can advance your Career Lattice step. However, hours classified as Technical Assistance will not advance your Career Lattice step.

Camp Counselor
Guardian ad Litem
Assistant Teacher
Child Care Center Director
Youth Worker
Recreation Leader/Director
Child Care Lead Teacher
Teacher’s Aide
Family Child Care Provider
Early Head Start Teacher
Food Program Monitor
RBPD Specialist (Coach, Consultant or Mentor)
Home Visitor
MNCPD Trainer 1
Public School Paraprofessional or Teacher’s Aide
RBPD Specialist
Child/Family Counselor
Child Welfare Social Worker
Early Childhood and Family Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Registered Nurse or Nutritionist
Human Service Director
MNCPD Trainer 2
Child Support Officer
K-6 Teacher
ECFE Parent Educator
Early Intervention Specialist
Head Start Teacher
Professional Development Advisor
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Educational Researcher
Achieve Master Trainer
Children’s Librarian
Family Therapist
Child Development Specialist
Early Childhood Professor (College or University)
School Counselor
Speech & Language Pathologist
Child Psychologist
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