Meet The Staff

Who we are is evident in our core values, mission and vision statement. It is visible in our policies and hiring practices, which sets the tone for our customer service approach.


Data Verification Specialist

Courtney brought her customer support experience to Achieve in February 2018, joining the staff as a Data Verification Specialist. Courtney has experience… Learn more about Courtney


Professional Development Strategist

Hyewon supports the Achieve team by forming partnerships and collaborating with Higher Education Institutions to improve the procedures for the… Learn more about Hyewon


Data Verification Coordinator

Self-described as an extremely organized and detail-oriented person, Julia is excellent at processing and finalizing individual membership applications… Learn more about Julia


Public Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Julie joined Achieve in July 2016 as the Public Outreach and Engagement Specialist. Her focus is managing our strategic communications… Learn more about Julie


Document Intake Specialist

Achieve welcomed Laura to the team as a Document Intake Specialist in September 2017. With over 30 years in education, Laura has experience… Learn more about Laura


Develop Technical Assistance Specialist

Lynne joined Achieve in May 2017 as the Develop Technical Assistance Specialist. Lynne has a strong background in customer service… Learn more about Lynne


Professional Support Specialist

Nicky transferred to Achieve in October 2016 from The Registry, Inc., Wisconsin’s Recognition System for the Childhood Care and Education profession, as the Lead… Learn more about Nicky


Document Intake Specialist

Prior to joining Achieve in June 2017, Sawe was a lead toddler teacher for four years and is happy to support others in the childhood care and education field… Learn more about Sawe


Data Verification Specialist

Sheemika joined Achieve in July 2016 as an Intake Specialist receiving documentation via email and faxes. In 2017, Sheemika became a Data Verification… Learn more about Sheemika


Operations Coordinator

Achieve welcomed Tara to the team in February 2014. During her tenure as a Data Verification Specialist she demonstrated exceptional organizational and customer service skills… Learn more about Tara

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