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Week of the Young Child: Achieve Staff Explore Their Inner Child

From all of us here at Achieve (because it’s not said enough), THANK YOU! It certainly takes a village. Whether you directly or indirectly support the care and education of children; your passion, knowledge, guidance and time does not go unnoticed. The Week of the Young Child allowed us to celebrate YOU, invaluable members of MN’s early childhood education workforce! We truly believe: When You Achieve, Minnesota Succeeds! Your work and dedication lays the foundation for so many children; it supports their successes in life and their bright futures.
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No Documentation? No Problem!

Sending your documents to Achieve is optional and we realize there may be times you don’t need to send anything to us. Perhaps you sent all your documents during your last renewal or without a renewal and your documents weren’t processed. Maybe you took trainings that were electronically added to your learning record. Or maybe you just don’t have time right now to find and send copies of your training certificates, but you need a current membership for Parent Aware.Whatever the reason, we get it. Don’t stress out. You can submit an individual application without documentation in just two easy steps!
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How to Track Down Your High School Diploma

“My high school burned down, and all of the records were lost.” “I graduated 40 years ago, you can’t possibly ask me to go digging for my diploma.” “My high school closed and doesn’t exist anymore.” “I had my diploma in my car and then my car got stolen.” “I graduated, but never received a diploma because I moved right after graduation.” “Help, my dog ate my diploma!” Your Achieve team has heard all but one of the above statements from Develop users who have chosen to go through the Individual Membership process and need their high school completion verified. Providing proof of High school education is a requirement for members to achieve a Career Lattice step above Foundational Awareness on the Minnesota Career Lattice.
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Top 3 Reasons to Use the Achieve Virtual Career Guide

During our childhood, we were always asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” According to Tara, our operations coordinator, when she looked back at her own childhood memories, her dream was to become a swim teacher. It was a simple choice. She loved swimming through hula hoops and jumping off the high-dive. However, her dream ended as she grew older. She couldn’t stand being cold and wet…don’t even get her started on chlorine and hair health! Swimming just wasn’t as fun as it used to be. Most of us can relate to not fulfilling those early ideas of what we would become. As we grew and changed, so did our perspective.
The Achieve Intake Team: Amanda, Sawe, and Laura

First Stop on Our Achieve Adventure: The Island of Intake

Let’s travel back in time a bit…let’s go to that point in your childhood when checking the mailbox was always exciting and hopeful. When a letter or package had YOUR name on it. It wasn’t junk mail either, it was genuine and unexpected, intended just for you! Now hang on to that feeling and remember it when your next Career Lattice step certificate arrives!
Achieve's Monthly Giveaway

Achieve's Monthly Giveaway

We've had some rave reviews about our freebies at recent conferences and have decided to share new and fun ways for you to get your hands on some useful Achieve items! One of those ways is a monthly Achieve Giveaway! Each month, we draw four names from applications processed the previous month. These monthly drawings take place on the Achieve Facebook Page and winners are notified via email.

Top 5 Reasons It's Awesome to be An Approved Trainer or RBPD Specialist

Earlier this month our Professional Support Specialist, Nicky and our Operations Coordinator, Tara traveled to beautiful Brainerd, MN for the Worlds of Wisdom Trainer & RBPD Summit hosted by Child Care Aware of Minnesota. While the drive from Madison, WI to Brainerd, MN took seven hours, the fall foliage, Mille Lacs Lake, and road-side stops offered a variety of fun sights to see!
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Workflow Series: Your Achieve Adventure Awaits!

Picture this: It's just you, your achievements, and your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You just submitted your new or renewal Individual Membership application online using Develop. You're imagining your crisp new fancy Career Lattice Step certificate and can't wait for it to arrive by mail. Maybe you've already bought the perfect picture frame to display it proudly on your wall . . . a couple weeks pass and you think, "Why is it taking so long to process my application?"

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