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Headshot of Kathy Stolhanske

Kathy Stolhanske: The Glue Holding the Center Together

Extended Family. This is how Kathy Stolhanske, Director of Endless Journey Child Care in Rochester, Minnesota, describes her role with families she has worked with over the years. “I just love being a part of the lives of young children as they grow and develop. I also enjoy being part of the ‘extended family’ of the children, as we involve the whole family in our program.”
Nicky & Lynne stand behind the Achieve table at the Trainer & RBPD Summit.

5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Next Conference

How do you know you're making the most of your conference experience? We asked the experts! We surveyed attendees at the Trainer and RBPD Summit this year. 1. Be Present. Don’t just show up physically, be there with your mind and body. If your mind is somewhere else, such as thinking about all of the things you need to do on Monday when you return to work, you are not fully present.
Entering Staff

Workflow Series: The Empire of Entering

Achieve’s Data Verification Specialists (DVS) process around 800 – 1,800 applications monthly. This number depends on the volume of application submissions in Develop. Each application has anywhere from 0 -150 pages of information to enter. Our Achieve team takes pride in carefully reviewing each document submitted by every applicant to ensure the most accurate reflection of your achievements in Develop.
Sawe holding documents

To Send or Not to Send?

Sometimes it’s easier to know what NOT to send. Each document received via mail or printed from email/fax is thoroughly reviewed. Most applications contain documents of which over half are not acceptable. Based on the number of unacceptable documents Achieve receives, we can safely conclude: Some applicants spend a lot of time and energy gathering documents they don’t need to send. The team at Achieve spend hours sifting through documents to find acceptable submissions. Time spent here prolongs the application process for everyone in line waiting to be processed, even those who followed the Acceptable Documentation policy. In the spirit of speeding up the process for you and Achieve we’ve identified the top five documents not to send.
Latisha & Liam

Latisha Schauer: Putting the Care in Child Care

Unlimited Patience. Warm. Wonderful Sense of Humor. Loving. These are just some of the words used to describe family child care provider, Latisha Schauer.  Latisha has been providing full-time care for two years but, has been dedicated to the childhood care and education field off and on for the past ten years. Latisha works at One World, One Family, One Heart, FCC in St. Paul, where earlier this year, she purchased and took over the business. She also attends school full-time, is working toward earning her CDA, and is raising her one-year-old son, Liam.
Coding Staff

Workflow Series: The Kingdom of Coding

All aboard! If you remember correctly, while documents are on the Island of Intake, they are scanned and electronically stored. After their departure from Intake, they travel to the Kingdom of Coding! Coding is a wonderous land all documents visit to be thoroughly evaluated before the information is entered on your Develop account. As you know, Achieve can only review and enter documents after you apply for or renew your membership in Develop. If you sent documents to Achieve without submitting your application, those documents are stuck at the port of entry (your file) waiting for you to apply in Develop; your documents do not get their one-way ticket to the Kingdom of Coding.

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