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Our staff members are dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and meaningful support. If you have a question or concern, please contact us via phone or email.


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*Achieve will be closed July 4, 2018 in observance of Independence Day.

Achieve – The MN Center for Professional Development services include:

  • Individual, RBPD, and Trainer Membership Applications
  • Career Lattice Steps
  • Course approvals
  • Training Event approvals

For application and approval support, contact Achieve at:

Toll Free Phone: (855) 378-3131
Toll Free Fax: (877) 379-2467


The Develop Helpdesk at Achieve supports:

  • Develop Login information
  • Technical assistance for submitting applications, courses, and events
  • Organization accounts

For Develop account and technical support, contact the Develop Helpdesk at:

Toll Free Phone: (833) 605-6938



Achieve – The MN Center for Professional Development
2908 Marketplace Drive, Suite 103
Fitchburg, WI 53719


For language service options available in Hmong, Somali, and Spanish, call:
Twin Cities Area: (651) 665-0150
Toll Free: (888) 291-9811
This information is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by calling:
TTY: (608) 709-1096

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Meet The Staff

Who we are is evident in our core values, mission and vision statement. It is visible in our policies and hiring practices, which sets the tone for our customer service approach.



Center Director

In February 2014, Betzaida joined Achieve as a Professional Development Specialist. She soon demonstrated an innate ability to design and implement innovative ideas and strategies to better support the workforce. In June 2014, Betzaida started her tenure as the Center Director with the following goals in mind: 1) to develop and improve operational policies and procedures to ensure optimal customer service and, 2) to enhance the quality of and accessibility to learning and professional development opportunities for practitioners and trainers. With over 15 years of professional experience in the field, Betzaida considers herself to be a Cultural Broker. She is passionate about issues related to culture, gender, race and social issues in the Childhood Care and Education field. She is committed to practitioners and trainers, and has been successful in developing and improving policies to ensure clients have equitable access to tools for empowerment and achievement.


Data Verification Specialist

Courtney brought her customer support experience to Achieve in February 2018, joining the staff as a Data Verification Specialist.  Courtney has experience working in child welfare at the Department of Job and Family Services in Ohio coordinating cases and managing resources that meet the needs of families.  In addition, Courtney has conducted research for The National Center for Family and Marriage Research and the National Institute of Child Health and Development where she studied child relationships.  At Achieve, Courtney enjoys being able to focus her skills and energy on meeting the needs of those working in childhood care and education.


Data Verification Coordinator

Hyewon brings twelve years of experience in the field of education to Achieve. Previously a campus group organizer, an administrative assistant at a Montessori academy, and ESL teacher in Chile and Spain, she shares her strong background knowledge with you as a Data Verification Coordinator. She is responsible for ensuring the processing and finalization of individual membership applications adhere to policies and procedures. Additionally, Hyewon provides automatic training approval support and transcript analysis.



Lead Data Verification Specialist

Self-described as an extremely organized and detail-oriented person, Julia is excellent at quickly and accurately entering and verifying data. She began working at Achieve in August 2016, as a Data Verification Specialist and was promoted to Lead Data Verification Specialist in April 2017. Her experience working with clients as an event coordinator and working in retail inspires her to offer top notch support at Achieve. With enthusiasm, Julia says: “I take pride in ensuring that our clients’ profiles are up-to-date and accurate, and helping them along the way.”



Public Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Julie joined Achieve in July 2016 as the Public Outreach and Engagement Specialist. Her focus is managing our strategic communications while ensuring the accessibility of our services.  With over ten years of experience in community relations and public outreach, Julie appreciates sharing information about the important work we do. As a parent, Julie values our clients and takes pride in helping the MN Childhood Care and Education workforce connect to helpful resources and tools needed to achieve their professional goals.


Document Intake Specialist

Achieve welcomed Laura to the team as a Document Intake Specialist in September 2017. With over 30 years in education, Laura has experience as a director and preschool teacher. In her role with Achieve, Laura ensures all documents connect to the proper user account. She realizes the importance of the work she does for Individual Members and appreciates the opportunity to support you!


Develop Technical Assistance Specialist

Lynne joined Achieve in May 2017 as the Develop Technical Assistance Specialist. Lynne has a strong background in customer service and utilizes her experience to support clients with Develop related questions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and has experience as a preschool teacher. With over 17 years as a Family Advocate at a Head Start/Early Head Start agency, Lynne values the work our clients do and takes pride in providing excellent customer service to them.



Professional Support Specialist

Nicky transferred to Achieve in October 2016 from The Registry, Inc., Wisconsin’s Recognition System for the Childhood Care and Education profession, as the Lead Data Verification Specialist and was promoted to Professional Support Specialist in June 2017. She has been active in the childhood care and education field for eleven years as a lead teacher in group child care. Nicky holds an associate degree in early childhood and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies/social work. Nicky provides customer service to our clients via phone and email and approves Trainers and RBPD Specialists.


Document Intake Specialist

Prior to joining Achieve in June 2017, Sawe was a lead toddler teacher for four years and is happy to support others in the childhood care and education field. As a Document Intake Specialist, Sawe receives all incoming documentation. Sawe ensures each clients’ application is processed quickly and accurately. With over seven years of clients service experience, she enjoys interacting with members by phone and email.


Data Verification Specialist

Sheemika joined Achieve in July 2016 as an Intake Specialist receiving documentation via email and faxes.  In 2017, Sheemika became a Data Verification Specialist, where she processes and enters individual membership applications and provides customer service. As a former child care provider, Sheemika understands the process childhood care and education practitioners go through to remain up-to-date on current research, best practices and other requirements in order to achieve their goals. She takes pride in her ability to support others’ achievements in the childhood care and education field.



Operations Coordinator

Achieve welcomed Tara to the team in February 2014. During her tenure as a Data Verification Specialist she demonstrated exceptional organizational and customer service skills. In 2016, she assumed a new role as the Lead Professional Development Specialist and in 2017, she took on the role of Professional Development Coordinator, and in 2018 became Achieve’s Operations Coordinator.  Tara supports our organization by ensuring operational policies and procedures are in full compliance with contract requirements and standards.  Her commitment to looking after children’s best interests along with her respect for the ECE workforce, guides her path in supporting our clients’ and their achievement goals.




Executive Director 



Director of Information Management



Director of Talent Management & Quality Assurance

Camp Counselor
Guardian ad Litem
Assistant Teacher
Child Care Center Director
Youth Worker
Recreation Leader/Director
Child Care Lead Teacher
Teacher’s Aide
Family Child Care Provider
Early Head Start Teacher
Food Program Monitor
RBPD Specialist
Home Visitor
Achieve Trainer I
Public School Paraprofessional or Teacher’s Aide
RBPD Specialist
Child/Family Counselor
Child Welfare Social Worker
Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Registered Dietician or Nutritionist
Human Service Director
Achieve Trainer II
Child Support Officer
K-6 Teacher
ECFE Parent Educator
Early Intervention Specialist
Head Start Teacher
Professional Development Advisor
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Educational Researcher
Achieve Master Trainer
Children’s Librarian
Family Therapist
Child Development Specialist
Early Childhood Professor (College or University)
School Counselor
Speech & Language Pathologist
Child Psychologist
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I: Child Development and LearningI: Child Growth & Development8: Principles of Child Development and Learning
II.A: Creating Positive Learning ExperiencesIIa: Creating the Learning Environment2: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
II.B: Promoting Cognitive DevelopmentIIc: Language and Literacy IId: Cognitive Development2: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional DevelopmentIIe: Personal and Social Development IV: Interactions with Children3: Positive ways to support children’s social and emotional development
II.D: Promoting Physical DevelopmentIIb: Physical Development2: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
II.E: Promoting Creative DevelopmentIIf: Creativity and the Arts2: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
III: Relationships with FamiliesV: Families and Communities4:Strategies to establish productive relationships with families
IV.A: Observing, Recording and Assessing DevelopmentIII: Assessment and Planning for Individual Needs7: Observing and recording children’s behavior
IV.B: Assessing and Using Information to PlanIII: Assessment and Planning for Individual Needs7: Observing and recording children’s behavior
IV.C: Assessing and Using Information to Enhance and Maintain Program QualityVII: Program Planning and Evaluation5: Strategies to manage effective program operation
V: Historical and Contemporary Development of Early Childhood EducationN/A6: Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
VI: ProfessionalismVIII: Professional Development and Leadership6: Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
VII.A: Establishing Healthy PracticesVI: Health, Safety and Nutrition
1: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment
VII.B: Ensuring SafetyVI: Health, Safety and Nutrition
1: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment
VII.C: Providing Healthy NutritionVI: Health, Safety and Nutrition
1: Planning a safe, healthy learning environment
VIII: Application through Clinical ExperiencesN/A6: Maintaining a commitment to professionalism