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DHS Participation Guides

DHS Participation Guides

Active Supervision: A Developmental Perspective

Active Supervision: Children with Special Needs

Active Supervision: Emergency Situations

Active Supervision: Introduction for Family Child Care Providers From Culturally Diverse Communities

Active Supervision: Out of Home Safety Issues

Active Supervision: Prevention of Child Injuries in Family Child Care Settings

Active Supervision: Provider Self-care and Privacy

Active Supervision: School-age Children

Active Supervision: What Else is in the Home

Assessment: Gathering and Using Information

Authentic Child Assessment

Authentic Child Assessment: Special Considerations

Authentic Observation

Basic Child Development

Biological Impacts of Homelessness

Challenges in Feeding Young Children in Child Care

Child Development: Executive Functioning Skills through the Developmental Domains

Child Development: Understanding How Genes and Environment Interact

Childhood Obesity: Components of a Healthy Nutrition Environment at Child Care

Childhood Obesity: The Burden of Obesity and its Impact on Young Children

Creating a Positive Multicultural Environment for All Children

Creating Cultural Connections in Child Care

Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Guidance

Early Literacy: Myths About How Children Learn Language

Family Systems Theory in the Context of Early Childhood Settings

Focus on Core Concepts

Getting to Know Minnesota’s Knowledge and Competency Framework – for Early Childhood Educators

Guiding Children’s Behavior

Health and Safety I – Family Child Care

Health and Safety II – Family Child Care

Health and Safety In-Service I Child Care Centers

Health and Safety In-Service II Child Care Centers

Health and Safety Pre-service for Child Care Centers

Hmong: Minnesota Child Development Associate Credential

Implementing Curriculum in Child Care Centers

Implementing Curriculum in Family Child Care

Integration of Early Literacy into Math and Science Activities

Introduction to Caring for Young Children: Building Healthy Relationships, Brains, and Bodies

Introduction to Special Needs

Introduction to the ECIPS: MN Early Learning Standards

Minnesota Child Development Associate Credential

Nutrition in Children From Birth to Six Years

Observation and Documentation: Planning for Individual Needs

Observation and Documentation: Using Program Information for Decision Making

Our Children and Homelessness

Overview of Curriculum

Plan, Learn, Grow: Using the MN Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs)

RBPD Credential

Somali: Minnesota Child Development Associate Credential

Spanish: Basic Child Development

Spanish: Minnesota Child Development Associate Credential

Spanish: Overview of Curriculum

Strengthening Families

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death/Abusive Head Trauma

Supervising for Safety: Legally Nonlicensed

Supervising for Safety for Family Child Care Pre-service

Supporting Children Affected by Homelessness

The MN Framework for Universal Multicultural Instructional Design

Tipping the Scales: Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

Tipping the Scales: Nutrition

Tipping the Scales: Obesity Prevention

Using the MN Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) for Ages 3-5 Years

Using the MN Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) for Birth to Three Year Olds

Working with Infants and Toddlers with Special Healthcare Needs

Young Children with Developmental Delays